Puff Pastry Berries & Cream Tarts

Puff Pastry Berries & Cream Tarts is a delicious Fruit Tart recipe. These puff pastry tarts are made with frozen Puff Pastry, filled with Sweetened Cream, then topped with berries and a drizzle of chocolate ganache. No one will believe that these are homemade tarts and not bought at a fancy bakery!


2 sheets of Puff pastry

Egg wash
1 Egg
Sugar granulated, to sprinkle on top

Chantilly Cream
2 cups Heavy Cream
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract
2/3 cup Sugar granulated

1/2 cup Dark or Milk Chocolate
1/2 cup Heavy Cream

Raspberries Blueberries
Mint leaves optional
Sugar powdered (decoration)

Special Equipment
3 inch circle cookie cutter
2 inch circle cookie cutter
Puff pastry bag or a gallon sized zip-lock bag
Star tip optional
Zip-lock bag sandwich size


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